God, we're waiting patiently
For thy will to be done,
To see your hand in everything
Despite the tears that run.
Our hearts are badly broken
From the news that we have heard
And we're longing for a miracle
That she is being cured.
What a grievous devastation
For a mother to go through.
Just the hearing of the news
Would break her heart in two.
And if forced to then endure
The reality of death
When a daughter loved so dearly
Takes her final breath,
Only You could bring the comfort
Only You could bring the strength
Only You could give forbearance
To live life's remaining length.
Be the power that is needed
As they trust in you alone,
That your glory be revealed
As you reign upon your throne.

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales

Hasten the Answer

I know that it pains you,
I know it's severe.
I hate that it happens
To someone so dear.
I wish this disease
Would just go away.
God, hasten the answer
To the prayers that we pray.
Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales



Despite the trials and the pain,
Life still brings me pleasure,
Through grace and tender mercies
And blessings beyond measure.

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales


One of Our Own

A fellow believer
In great despair,
A child of God
Needs urgent prayer.
We ask you to pray
For one of our own
In the privacy of
Your "Home Sweet Home".
Uniting in spirit
From 7 till 8,
We'll pray in agreement
So please don't be late.
We're seeking deliverance
From Satan's grip.
And each intercesser
Can offer a tip,
A word of wisdom,
An insight or two,
 A special word
God has given to you.

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales


Seek And You Will Find

The glue that holds us together,
The welder that unites
The broken pieces of our lives
To be secure and tight,
The calm amidst the storm,
The guide along the way,
The comforter of sadness,
The joy throughout the day,
The best friend that we'll ever have,
The greatest love we'll know,
The ransom for a sinful world
As grace to us was shown.
Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales 


Eager To Go

Father forgive me. I've done it again.
I've run way ahead, not taking your hand.
You give me a thought and I leap in the flesh,
Eager to go, but forgetting to mesh.
It's not an intentional act of my will.
But insenstitive, rather than quiet and still.
Help me to listen and hear what you say,
Discerning and gleaning, to heed and obey.

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales