Father, it is me again
Writing as I walk
Seizing opportunity
For you and I to talk
There's something about nature
That brings me close to you
Enlivening my spirit
And making it like new
Polishing the dullness
Of each day's heavy load
Mundaneness used of Satan
Who's hoping to corrode
My spirit and my walk
Causing ineffect
Tarnishing my witness
And staining dialect
Wanting to destroy me
By robbing me of joy
By draining me of praise
And making me his toy
He needs to know that through your power
I can deal with strife
Because you have equipped me
For everything in life

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales 1996



The birds are chirping as I walk
Their merry animated talk
The breeze is blowing in my hair
And I don't seem to have a care
'Cause nature takes them all away
When'ere I walk on pretty days
I talk to you and cares don't matter
Troubles cease and sorrows scatter

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales 1996


Lavender and Lace

Father, why does nature
Have such effect on me
Why exhilaration
When plants and trees I see
Why is there such awe
When flowers I behold
The splendor of their color
So vivid and so bold
The thrill when wind blows through my hair
And breeze upon my face
Is likened to the beauty
Of lavender and lace
The joy of seeing foliage
Takes my breath away
And knowing you create all this
Praise the Lord I say

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales 1996



My journey in life has held blessing and sorrow, venting and praise...and poetry has captured it all. For those who share a passion for poetry, I invite you to join me in a love of life, God, family and friends, the beauty of nature and all things treasured.


On pretty days, I like to walk
Have poetry and prayerful talk
Communing with my sovereign King
And sharing with you everything
'Cause nature has a strong effect
And helps my spirit to connect
With you, my Saviour, Lord and King
Ruler over everything

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales 1996