God, I thank you for adventure
Though I never leave my home
Yet, I’m traveling with you
And in spirit I do roam
Through the unction of your spirit
And the challenges you send
Through the stretching you accomplish
In the heart I have to rend
May trust grow out of humbling
And faith from manna sent
In all arenas of my life
May you be evident

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales 2004


New Granddaughter, Roles

New Granddaughter

An angel
A blessing
A gift from above

A precious
New granddaughter
A bundle of love

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales 2009


Mother and grandmother
Daughter and friend
Disciple and mentor
Witness till the end
Crafter and poet
Steward of gifts
Through scrapbooks and cards
Spirits to lift

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales 2009

Seen, Christmas Decorating


The death of a loved one
The birth of a dream
The fruit of our suffering
In all, He is seen

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales

Christmas Decorating

Shopping and crafting are the start of the fun
But the magic occurs when the decorating’s done
When the manger and wise men are scattered around
When the presence of Jesus is readily found
When His light and His love illumine the dark
When your countenance softens and joy fills your heart

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales

Very Truly Grateful

First, God blessed me with the poem
Then he blessed me next with you
Through the writing of the music
And the singing that you do

Through your talent and your spirit
Such a willingness to help
Spending hours at the studio
And giving of yourself

All it took to make a record
/a disk for all to hear
That would minister and witness
Of God’s tender, loving care

I am very truly grateful
That He led you all the way
And mightily He used you
As you followed and you prayed

And my dear friend Shirley Bryson
Feels the same about it all
That the Lord has truly gifted you
And given you a call

As you wrote the music for her
And enabled her to see
The fulfillment of a dream
And related ecstasy

Plus, the added gift of friendship
That developed ’tween you two
Has her blessed beyond all measure
And it’s all because of you

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales 2011

Loving Care

For all the kindnesses you do
The thoughtfulness I see in you
I often tell the Lord in prayer
I’m thankful for your loving care

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales 2010

Like Kin

Although your family
I’m not in
You’ve always made me
Feel like kin
And demonstrated
God’s great plan
That supersedes
Bloodline to man

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales


Giving is GOODNESS personified. Giving relieves those who are tried.

Giving’s INSTINCTIVE for those with the gift. They so desire to help and to lift.

V is for VALOR of sacrifice made. V is for VICTORY in prayers that were prayed.

I is INNATE love and concern From those who are yielded Whose hearts have been turned.

N is for NOBLE; For those who stand tall. Despite shifting sand, they still give their all.

G is for GRACE That none of us merit But through Christ, our Lord, We all can inherit.

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales

A Part of Me

Years will come
And years will go
Friendships ebb
And friendships flow
But special ones
We hold within
They’re more than friends
They feel like kin
No matter whether
Near or far
A part of me
Is what you are

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales 2010

A Gem in You

Alas, it’s Christmas time again
And finances are lean
A special opportunity
To tell you what you mean
And ways that you have touched my life
Right from the very start
For that I don’t need money
Just investment of the heart
A warm and caring person
So helpful and so kind
Supportive and affirming
A gem in you I find

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales

Sacrificial Giving

Well, here we are at Christmas
And another year is gone
And I’m standing in amazement
That you’ve helped me for so long
It’s akin to bible stories
Of the friendships between men
Like Jonathan and David
And others way back then
It is sacrificial giving
And fulfillment of the Word
And, in doing unto others,
It is honoring the Lord
May He bless you without measure
And your cups both overflow
May both the favor of the Lord
And my gratitude you know

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales


All those many years ago
We met and talked outside
Never knowing I would end up
Totally confined
But kindness knows no limit
And once you form a bond
Circumstances matter not
The friendship still lasts long

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales 2010


Mother So Dear, Not Only

Mother So Dear

A valentine card
For a mother so dear
We may live apart
But in heart we are near
You’re special to me
And thought of with love
Each day of the year
A gift from above

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales 2005

Not Only

Not only did you raise me
By yourself without much help
But, still, your help continues
As I struggle with poor health
You’re a blessing beyond measure
As your heart is reaching out
And your deeds are an example
Of what love is all about

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales 2004


As I sit here wondering
What have I to give
What have I achieved
In all the years I’ve lived

What have I of value
For your inheritance
Not a lot that in the world
Would make a lot of sense

But riches in the spirit
And treasures of the heart
Yes, my darling daughters
That I can impart

A zeal for Christ the Savior
A love that has no bounds
A faith to keep you anchored
If storms of life should pound

Prayers for your protection
Integrity and such
For character and honor
All things that matter much

A joy which transcends sorrow
A strength to lean upon
The author of the book of love
And Heaven’s joyful song

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales 2004

Simple Pleasures

Simple pleasures in this life
The perfect girl to be your wife

Simple pleasures here on earth
Finding love and giving birth

Simple pleasures all around
When joy and grace and love abound

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales 2005

What's the Limit? (excerpt)

Some things cut so deeply
That it’s hard to get beyond
And I wonder what’s the limit
I should take when being wronged

Where’s the line that crosses over
From the spirit to the flesh
Which is “principle” or “pride”
It’s confusing when they mesh

Isn’t self-respect a factor
Or does that somehow get lost
When we’re learning to be humble
Is respect part of the cost

As you see, I need discernment
And your power deep within
For without it I am certain
I would very surely sin

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales 2000

Black Dotted Houses

Black dotted houses
denoting trash day
Aesthetically speaking
take beauty away

But it’s only gone
for a very short time
Mundaneness of life
portrays the sublime

That beauty is fleeting
it comes and it goes
Like waves of a life
being tossed to and fro

And things are not always
as they appear
Something now gone
could tomorrow be here

That nothing is hopeless
and things turn around
That problems resolve
and joy is re-found

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales 2000

The Way You Orchestrate

God, I thank you for this time of life
Where no conviction lay
Where you penetrate my heart
With the words you want to say

Where you have my full attention
And you speak to me direct
And you deal with many issues
That have seemed to intersect

God, I absolutely marvel
At the way you orchestrate
And, in time, we come to realize
Why you made us wait

If we’re patient and attuned to you
We can hear your voice
And, in peace, we let your leadership
Override our choice

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales 2001


Would I Really Pass?

God, I’m very grateful
That your Spirit lives within
And the righteousness of God
Truly saves me from my sin

God, I’m grateful that you gave me
All the poetry divine
But I must confess the battle
That goes on within my mind

There’s a longing for the poems
To be heard by all the mass
But, if tested by prosperity,
Would I really pass

In my need to be accepted
Would it all go to my head
Would the praise and adoration
That is yours be mine instead

Would I rob you of your glory
Though I know you can ‘t be mocked
Would my life become a lie
And my walk not match my talk

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales

My Heart Desires

Lord, my heart desires to know you more
And love you better still
To nestle in your arms of love
And do your perfect will
To hear and know the voice of God
With immediate response
Undaunted by the adversary
And his demonic haunts

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales 2001

God's Grace

How, God, do I love you
Let me count the ways
The way that you take care of me
Each and every day

The power of your sufficiency
Your never-ending grace
The refuge that you are to me
In each despairing place

The loving way you hear each plea
From helplessness I cry
The tears stored in a bottle
When eyes have been wiped dry

The faithful way you answer prayer
Accomplishing what’s best
The power of your perfect peace
That puts my heart at rest

The best friend that you are to me
In times both good and bad
The joy and satisfaction
In you I’ve always had

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales

In the Blink of an Eye

In the blink of an eye
Life can be shattered
In the blink of an eye
Life can be changed
In the blink of an eye
You can lose all you have
But God in His mercy
Will help re-arrange

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales


Yes, God, I Still Love You

Yes, God, I Still Love You #1

Yes, God, I still love you
Though my actions may not show
That a deep abiding love
In my heart for you still flows
Please don’t ask me what’s the problem
Why I’m sluggish in my walk
‘Cause I honestly don’t know
And with you I need to talk
In the hope of getting answers
To the anger that’s within
To the bitterness that rooted
And is causing me to sin
God, I know that there are seasons
That evolve in every life
And I know that even Joseph
Had a good amount of strife
Yet, somehow, it makes me question
If my witness is askew
Lord, from something you have purposed
Or from wrong things that I do
Would you help me understand this
So my heart would be at rest
In the knowledge of your purpose
And the promise of your best

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales 2001

Yes, God, I Still Love You #2

Yes, God, I still love you
Though I’m tardy every night
When I come before the throne
And fatigue I often fight
Yes, God, I still love you
Though devotions get curtailed
And, regrettably, the bible reading
Sometimes gets de-railed
So I know how it must grieve you
When I don’t take time to call
When my visits get infrequent
Or they don’t occur at all
Lord, I sometimes wonder
At the similarity
‘Tween my children and myself
When they don’t make time for me
God, I know about the heartache
Of a hostile attitude
And the sting when words are spoken
In a tone that’s very rude
And I know a parent’s love
That forever seeks a bond
Is just waiting to forgive
If the child would just respond

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales 2011

Yes, God, I Still Love You #3

Yes, God, I still love you
Though it doesn’t look that way
Though the pain has stolen joy
And brought bitterness my way
Though I feel like I’m defeated
And I’ve failed beyond belief
As my refuge and my rock
I’m awaiting your relief

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales 2004

Yes, God, I Still Love You #4

Yes, God, I still love you
Though I see no light at all
Though my legs are weak beneath me
And I feel about to fall
Yes, God, I still love you
Through my trial’s darkest night
Ever grateful you have promised
To turn darkness into light

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales 2004

Yes, God, I Still Love You #5

Yes, God, I still love you
Though that isn’t how it looks
As I’m low on church attendance
And I rarely read your book
But despite my lack of focus
You remain my guiding light
You’re the one that I wake up to
And the one I kiss goodnight
You’re the one I laugh and cry with
And converse throughout the day
You’re the lover of my soul
And the one to whom I pray
Father, may this heart of love
And it’s adoring praise
Be catalysts that ‘ere proclaim
Your name and banners raise

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales 2003

Manna, You Are With Me, More Love For You


Father, tell this people
That my heart is full of love
And a spirit of thanksgiving
For your manna from above
For the food with which you nourish
And the bearer of the gift
And the timely cup of water
For a heart that needs a lift

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales

You Are With Me

God I feel your love upon me
Despite pain too great to bear
And I hear some people asking
Where is God? Does He not care?
But I know that you are with me
And in you I will abide.
Though the fig tree does not blossom
And in sorrow I am tried

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales 2004

More Love For You

It tells me in your word
If I love you, I’ll obey
So I guess more love for you, Lord
Is what I need to pray
God, to love you more than others
And to love you more than self
Consistently to put you first
And sacrifice all else

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales 2005

Attack on America, Our Nation's Plea, The Aftermath of 9-11

Attack on America

God, my heart is truly broken as I’ve witnessed this event
How I grieve for all the victims and our nation’s president
God, my heart just cannot fathom that such hatred could reside
In a fellow human being who destruction satisfies
Let your comfort and compassion go to all who suffered loss
Let the children who are orphaned bring their burdens to the cross
Be the husband to the widow, giving strength to carry on
Make them able to forgive, Lord, this very grievous wrong
Help our nation to recover and to shed your light abroad
And protect us from our enemy on this or foreign sod
God, I pray that all the world now would see your majesty
As our nation comes together and we turn our hearts to thee

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales 2001

Our Nation's Plea

In the aftermath of terrorism
Lead us to your will
That our hearts would be in prayer
And our spirits remain still
Ever listening for your message
And the path you’d have us take
Let the principles of God
This great nation not forsake
Let the flag that flies for freedom
And it’s banner ever wave
Let the people be united
And let courage make us brave
Let the Bible be re-visited
And prayer restored in school
Let the credo of this nation
Be again the Golden Rule
Though we seek to be victorious
And surely need your help
May we be in right relationship
With you above all else

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales 2001

The Aftermath of 9-11

As realities of war
Become evident each day
As we fight opposing nations
And more lives are thrown away
Tell us, Lord, the price of freedom
You would want us to oblige
Tell us when to stand against
Violence from the other side
Have we sought your will correctly
Praying nearly for two years
Waiting patiently for guidance
Midst our grief and flood of tears
Having not reacted quickly
Seeking vengeance in the flesh
Rather, yielding it to Jesus
For our spirits to enmesh
Wanting you to be our leader
As we strive for what is right
Working through an earthen vessel
Who has spiritual insight
Please unite our hearts in wisdom
And the call, Lord, to obey
Bend our hearts and knees before you, Lord
And bless the prayers we pray

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales 2003

Love Without Condition, Pastor Chip, Princess of Curry

Love Without Condition

How you bless me with the scriptures
And give guidance every day
How you faithfully replenish
My strength along the way
How you love without condition
Whether I’ve been good or bad
And enable me to do the same
Even when I’m mad

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales 2002

Pastor Chip

To Pastor Chip who loves to preach
When he’s not surfing at the beach
He’ll forfeit all his surfing fun
Just call and he will gladly run
To help you in your time of need
Be it grunt or be it lead
He’s just a servant of the Lord
And ministry he works toward
No matter what the form it takes
The effort he will gladly make
He’ll joke that it’s for muscle tone
But I have seen his halo shown
Through many acts of help and love
Empowered by our God above
So God protect him from all harm
Don’t let the sharks consume his arm

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales 2003

Princess of Curry

My dear little Ellen
Princess of Curry
I’m sending this card
To arrive in a hurry
To show that I love you
And think you are neat
A precious granddaughter
So “royally” sweet

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales 2002

*Written for my young granddaughter.
Her street name was Curry, so that was
her "kingdom"!

Fasting Prayer

In our third week of fasting
We come to your throne
Lay down our petitions
And give up our “own”
In search of the answers
Direction and course
Acknowledging you
As being our source
But you who began
A good work in us
Must be our support
And hold fast our trust
When Satan desires
To sift us as wheat
Be thou our confidence
Securing our feet
Be our defender
Our sword and our shield
Be strength in our weakness
As to you we yield

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales 2002

Happy Birthday, Mr. President!

What a joy to send a greeting
To the leader of our land
Who so publicly and boldly
Puts his life into God’s hand
Whose example we look up to
And whose judgment we can trust
‘Cause he goes before the throne of God
Each day for all of us
It is there he gets direction
And the confidence he needs
For the crucial task of governing
The nation that he leads


Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales 2002

Streams in the Desert, Devotional

Streams in the Desert

How could I ever thank you
For the movement in my heart
Every time I turn a page
Every section that I start
The degree to which it blesses me
This book Ms. Cowman wrote
It is music to my ears
And I hang on every note

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales 2001


I refuse to hit the pillow
Without spending any time
In some form of a devotion
Be it reading, be it rhyme
Be it worship, be it praise
Be it singing of a song
To express my adoration
And to keep my spirit strong

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales 2002

Fragmentation (excerpt)

Were it not for words of value
That are spoken in your book
That translate into the blessing
If through spirit eyes I look
Could I even go on living
With a spirit that’s been crushed
And the cries within my heart
That despair has served to hush
Were it not for living presence
Of your Spirit within me
Through your grace and lovingkindness
Could I ‘ere begin to see
That I’m loved beyond all measure
And although I can’t conceive
There’s a plan and greater purpose
For the trials, I believe
I believe because you’ve told me
And I know you cannot lie
And therein lies my sustenance
My comfort and my high

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales 2001

The North And The South

When the north and the south come together as one
Then the world falls apart and the home is undone
When the hearts try to heal but the fractures remain
When prayer is the only solution to pain
That’s when to lean on the Lord up above
That’s when to come together in love
‘Cause splitting apart is not a good choice
It hardens your heart and it stifles your voice
You’re closed to each other and so much is lost
And many years later you realize the cost

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales 2005

Resurrect My Spirit (excerpt)

Please restore to me the years
That the locusts have consumed
And restore to me the fragrance
Of a Christian’s sweet perfume
That is scented with a witness
Of a great and mighty king
And a hope that springs eternal
Overcoming anything
Lord forgive me of my failures
Of my sins and all my fears
Would you resurrect my spirit
As you wipe away my tears

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales 2000

You're Able, The Ruler Of All

You're Able

Thank you that you’re able
And I only need to trust
Thank you that I’m helpless
And that faith in you’s a must
Thank you that it’s hopeless
If we look through human eyes
Thank you that your power
I expect to realize

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales 2000

The Ruler Of All

As the season of affliction
Keeps on closing in on me
Still an ever present help
In Jehovah I can see
Yes, an ever present help
Is the one and only God
Who still goes before and paves the way
On roads that I must trod
He’s Jehovah, he’s Messiah,
He’s the great and mighty King
He’s creator of the universe
And ruler of all things
His great power is not diminished
And He hasn’t looked away
No, my God is still the same now
As He was yesterday

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales 2001


Reach Their Prime

As I sit and ponder aging
And I look back o’er the years
I’m so glad despite our differences
We’ve handled all our cares
I’m so glad your life has lasted
To accommodate the time
That it took a mom and daughter
Both to reach their prime

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales 2004

100 Years

A hundred years of living
A priviledge for sure
And we’re sincerely hoping
You’re blessed with even more
Imagine all the lives you’ve touched
And all that you have seen
The vastness of technology
And fulfillment of your dreams
The things you held close to your heart
The things that slipped on through
The friendships over all the years
And family who love you
God bless you at this special time
And all the years you live
We’re honored to have known you
And all the joy you give

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales

Vale's Passing

I know that your hearts are yielded and still
I know that you seek His ways and His will
I know you have trusted your Mom to His care
You’ve cherished and nurtured, and blessings you’ve shared
She’s lived a long life and given her all
To family and friends and ministry’s call
May God now in mercy sustain all of you
With love and with comfort may He see you through

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales 2008

Do Unto Others, Church

Do Unto Others

Friendship consists of mutual caring
Loving and helping, giving and sharing
When two come together and hearts are in sync
They “Do unto others” ‘cause love is the link

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales 2008


I’ve never seen a church like this
Where God’s love shone so bright
Through a myriad of people
Whose lamps were burning bright
People called to service
Compassion, love and care
People called to minister
And other’s burdens bear

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales 2006

Through Trials And Tests

I came to the Lord
Through trials and tests
And once I accepted
I boldly professed
His love everlasting
His mercy and grace
The love and the sacrifice
Made in my place

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales 2008

Friendships Were Made, What An Inspiration, This Great Mother

Friendships Were Made

I’m thinking and praying
With love and with care
As friendships were made
For burdens to bear
We laugh in the good times
We cry in the sad
While cherishing always
The blessings we’ve had

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales 2008

What An Inspiration

You’re a hero in my eyes
Because you care for others
Nurturing and serving
Your husband and your mother
Giving sacrificially
While time and strength are lost
Love and honor mandate
You serve at any cost
What an inspiration
To me and all the rest
Even among heroes
You really are the best

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales 2007

This Great Mother

Though at times your heart will miss her and you’ll ache that she is gone
Greater still will be His comfort and a worthy victory song
That He gave you this great mother so committed to the Lord
And the memories you will cherish of a life and love outpoured
That you walked in sweet communion with the greatness of her soul
Ever knowing she would leave someday for her eternal home
Now she’s gone to be with Jesus at the start of this new year
He has given you sweet parting from the one that you hold dear

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales 2008

Fully Grown, Come So Far

Fully Grown

Though fully grown when we first met
My heart was not developed yet
It took the power of God within
And loving kindness of a friend
To fully form and make me whole
Creating depth within my soul
You are that very special friend
For which I'm grateful God did send

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales 1998

Come So Far

God, you know we've come so far
through grace and answered prayer
A testimony of your love
and how you really care

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales 1998


From Jesus To Jane

Years ago, in a women's bible study class, the homework the teacher assigned us was to write a letter from Jesus to us. After much prayer, this is what came to me.

From Jesus To Jane

My dearest Jane - My precious child
I've watched you go from wild to mild
I've seen the softening in your heart
As from rebellion you depart
I see the way you look at me
With eyes of love and purity
Pure, not in the sense of you
But pure as in a love that's true
I see the way you joy in me
And I delight in what I see
That even though your heart is sad
From trials that hurt so very bad
Still, you revel in my love
Still, you look to me above
Still, in me, you abide
And, from me, you do not hide
Anything that's going on
When you're weak or when you're strong
But when you look at circumstance like Peter on the water
Your focus sometimes changes, and isn't what it oughta
At times like that you get depressed, oh, so needlessly
Because you think the problem is too big for even me
Though intellectually you know that you have been deceived
It sometimes takes a while for you to re-believe
And though I hope that you'll do better
The purpose of this loving letter
Is so you'll know that what I see
Extends through all eternity
Potential that I visualize
Is just not seen through human eyes
To know that you accept my plan
My son and all that's in my hand
To see the molding you allow
Without fully knowing how
The losses can become a gain
Like sunny days, after the rain
And that all things can work for good
As I promised you they would
And labors of the race you run
As you believe in Christ the Son
Will surely bring you to my side
As soon in Heaven you'll reside

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales 1998

When Spirits Dance

Sending words and sending rhyme
Sending message in your time
Making sure that it will flow
Lord, quicken hearts that they would know
That poetry is not just art
Of which my talent has a part
For me, I know that you inspire
Every word you so desire
Because my words are so inept
Except the times you intercept
You send the words for which I grope
You turn disaster into hope
You re-phrase every mundane thought
Of which my human power could not
To me, it's language of the soul
Where fragmentation becomes whole
A moment not of time or chance
But when communing spirits dance

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales 1998

Apples of Gold

How much I desire
When this story's told
To use words fitly spoken
Like apples of gold
How much I desire
To aptly express
My thanks for all
Of your thoughtfulness
For no means of measure
No ruler or gauge
Could hold all the grace
That's on every page
Your giving has kept me
Afloat on the sea
As through you our God
Has provided for me

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales


Broken and Bound

May Jesus, our savior, redeemer and king
Live in your heart and govern all things
Govern the body that's broken and bound
Govern the heart spreading love all around
That you would discern in the depths of your soul
He longs to be gracious and he'll make you whole
Deep in your being he'll make you content
Just look to and lean on the one that was sent
To pardon our sins and show us the way
And give us new life beginning today
His plan and His purpose, creations of love
To fellowship with Him in glory above

Christmas card 2011 for Chronic Pain Sufferers
Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales 2011

In the Loss of Your Dad

In the loss of your dad
May sweet memories live
Recalling his love
And all that he did
Treasure the memories
That both of you shared
And cherish the knowledge
Of how much he cared
Laugh with your brothers
At antics of past
To lengthen the memories
Ensuring they last
Be truly glad
That you were so blessed
At having a dad
Considered the best

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales

For You In Your Loss, Love Enough

For You In Your Loss

As your heart endures the grieving
Of this devastating weight
As you miss your precious daughter
May the Lord God penetrate
To your deepest core of being
Of which Katie was a part
And the overwhelming sorrow
That you feel within your heart
May His grace be ‘ere sufficient
As you struggle through the pain
May He be the crutch you lean on
And the hope your heart can claim
Of a glorious reunion
In Heaven we’ll receive
If we lift our hearts to Him
And sincerely we believe

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales 2010

Love Enough

As a mother honors children
Who were nurtured in her womb
Two is surely extra effort
But a mother’s heart has room
To accommodate them both
Giving love enough to share
That the two would have assurance
Of her tender, loving care
Yes, with twins, you love them both
And you love the same amount
Yet, the ways you love are varied
As their differences you count
So the Will and Katie duo
That we come to honor now
Has been such an inspiration
And has beat the odds somehow
As a bond was formed between them
Though communication lacked
May the brightness of their union
Still outshine the present “black”
We will celebrate them both
As we have o’er all the years
That our joy not be diminished
By the present flow of tears

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales


Bedtime Rhyme

Each night I try to go to bed
I’m struck with flowing rhyme
It doesn’t seem to matter
That the day is out of time
The only thing that matters
Is to share with God above
All the gratitude within my heart
And wonder of His love

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales 2001

Her Witness

God, please tell this woman
That the people looking on
See a deep abiding faith
And a spirit that is strong

All which stem from knowing Jesus
As the anchor of her soul
And a trust defying sight
As she seeks to be made whole

Through debilitating illness
And a devastating loss
She has chosen to be faithful
To her God at any cost

Just the parting from her children
By itself would break her heart
And require all the mercy
And the grace that God imparts

As she clings to all the promises
Written in your word
Laying claim on a new body
And the home of which she's heard

It's a mystery and amazing
That our heart can be at rest
And a peace can come upon us
Though we lose what we love best

Tell this woman that her witness
Is astounding to us all
As we see your grace and glory
Being evidenced to all

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales 2000

From the Trials

God, I know that Satan
Is the cause of my despair
As he whispers all those lies
In my ear for me to hear
As he gets me feeling hopeless
And my heart becomes withdrawn
And I live without solutions
While the problems linger on
I guess this side of Heaven
I will never understand
How a tapestry gets woven
From the trials I withstand
How they tend to make me stronger
Even though they knock me down
And how the beauty of a pearl
From the trials can be found

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales 2001


Father God I thank you
That you love me none-the-less
When I don’t take time to pray
And my heart is not at rest
When my flesh becomes predominant
And that’s what people see
When the grace and love of Christ
Is not visible in me
When I give you no attention
And I draw not from your word
You still bless me with your presence
Though your message goes unheard

Mary Jane Gonzales 2000

Church Across the Ocean

In that church across the ocean
All those many miles away
Let the Gospel reach the people
Moving in their hearts today
Let the children be excited
Let the parents have a zeal
Let them taste the living water
Let them know that you are real
Let them worship and adore you
Let them come to you in prayer
That their faith and transformation, Lord
They would freely share

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales 2007

Seasons of Life, Strong Tower

Seasons of Life

May the Lord sustain you in the winter of life
No matter how long or hard

May the newness of spring renew you heart
Like flowers on a card

May He rain His love upon you
In the heat of the summer sun

In all the seasons of your life
May you lean on the Holy One

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales

Strong Tower

When Satan comes to steal my joy
With lies and sheer deceit
Cause me, Lord, to quote the word
You’ve given as receipt
That I’ve been purchased with the blood
The Lamb for me was slain
And I can’t be defeated
When calling on your name

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales 2004


The Joining of Your Hearts

In the joining of your hearts
For the years that lie ahead
May you always be committed
To the words you both have said
That in sickness and in health
In the bad, as well as good
You will be there for each other
As you’ve promised that you would
Because love is not a feeling
It’s a presence and a trust
It’s a sharing and receiving
But the giving is a must
May you always be enamored
With each other through the years
May your love grow ever stronger
Through the laughter and the tears

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales 2002

If I Didn't Know, Explain To This Child

If I Didn’t Know

If I didn’t know you loved us with an everlasting love,
If I didn’t know of manna being rained down from above,
If I didn’t trust that everything was being used for good,
I would crumble all to pieces like some people think I should.

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales 2001

Explain To This Child

The times are so trying
My heart is so grieved
Explain to this child
Why her Daddy would leave
And answer the Mother
Where did things go wrong
And how have we stayed
Together so long
How did two lovers
End up being foes
What will become of us
Only God knows

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales 2001

Daily Care, Humble Thanks, Hidden Strength

Daily Care

Thank you God for taking care of me throughout this day
When the wiles of the devil kept on getting in the way
With his arrows ever piercing, and his purpose to destroy
Still your peace was ever present and my heart was full of joy

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales 2002

Humble Thanks

Just a note before retiring
To bed for peaceful sleep
Please accept my humble thanks
For the promises you keep
Please accept that I still marvel
After 23 long years
That your love is so amazing
And your grace absorbs my tears

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales 2002

Hidden Strength

Pull out the scripture that’s hid in my heart
Tell me which one I should claim
Help me to trust as I stand on your word
And fervently call on your name

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales 2002

Put You First

Forgive me when I fail you Lord
And help me to do better
That I would daily seek your face
By reading your love letter
That I would put you first
Before the other things in life
And I’d appropriate your peace
Amidst the stress and strife
That you’re the one I’d turn to Lord
When life is closing in
When problems overwhelm me
And the devil taunts with sin

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales 2001


How great is my need
How vast is your love
How merciful you were
To send from above
Your precious son Jesus
In love for mankind
Now your love and mine
Are forever entwined

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales 2001

A Blessing Then - A Blessing Now

This greeting comes to wish my friend a very special day
But, in addition, there is more that I would like to say
About the kind of friend she is and how much I enjoy
Her thoughtfulness, her company, and all else she employs

Our visits may be limited to chats on internet
But she brings joy into my life like few that I have met
Through e-mail we can share our news of all the day’s events
Confiding and consoling each, which often times prevents

The blues and angst arising from an irritating day
Freeing us to then switch gears and go from work to play
We knew each other years ago when we were still in school
A blessing then, a blessing now, this friend is just too cool

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales 2001

Michael's Ministry

God I pray for Michael that his ministry be strong
That he’d lift his hands in worship and your praise would be his song

That through Calvary Commission, his transition to the world
You’d protect and guard his spirit from the arrows Satan hurls

Let no prejudice or bias, opposition or offense
Be a weapon that would prosper because you are his defense

Let the frenzy of the rat race with it’s overwhelming pace
Not consume or bring disorder to priorities and their place

Let the freedom you have granted and the faithfulness you’ve shown
Now enhance his proclamation of your truths he’s always known

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales 2000


Love For Him

The mind of Christ
The heart of God
The narrow road
For us to trod

The road of which
The bible speaks
And only true
Believers seek

Will bring us
Everlasting joy
When love for Him
Our hearts employ

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales 2000


More Easter Poems

The Way

May, God, our blessed Father
Speak to you this day
Reveal His heart and show to you
That Jesus is the way
The way to life eternal
Salvation sure and true
His sacrifice atoning
Sins for me and you

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales

The Redeemer

Oh, dear God, how I love you
Let me tell you why
Because of the redeemer
Your son who chose to die
Upon the cross for all mankind
Atoning for our sin
And for your Holy Spirit
Our comforter within

 Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales


I’m thankful for the many things the Lord has done in me
Especially redemption, an act which made me free
Free to know forgiveness and unconditioned love
Free to share with others the Father up above
And Jesus Christ, the Savior, His only begotten son
Jesus, the Messiah, our Lord, the risen one

 Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales


A God With So Much Love

A very special God
Who knows me better than I
A God with so much love
He even chose to die
Was powerful enough
To rise up from the grave
A God with so much love
His people He would save

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales 1994


Sunday Brought Hope

Though beaten and bruised  and then crucified
On Calvary's Hill that Friday He died
Sunday brought hope as the stone rolled away
And Jesus, Messiah, was risen that day

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales


Good Friday

This was the day
So long ago
When majority rule
Let Barabbas go
When you were subjected
To mocking and scourged
And then crucifixion
An agenda you forged
Seeing ahead
The good of mankind
You sacrificed all
For the wicked and blind
Taking upon
The sins of the world
You bore the attacks
And the hatred they hurled
But death could not keep you
Down in the grave
As your mission in life
Was coming to save
A people corrupt
A world that was lost
And you were committed
No matter the cost
So all through the years
And all through the earth
Your love has redeemed us
And granted re-birth

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales 2007


May His power be upon you
May His mercy overwhelm
May His sovereignty control you
As He takes charge of the helm
May you cherish His sweet presence
May His love always abound
May His grace be ‘ere sufficient
For whatever comes around

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales 2010