Eager To Go

Father forgive me. I've done it again.
I've run way ahead, not taking your hand.
You give me a thought and I leap in the flesh,
Eager to go, but forgetting to mesh.
It's not an intentional act of my will.
But insenstitive, rather than quiet and still.
Help me to listen and hear what you say,
Discerning and gleaning, to heed and obey.

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales

Being There

My friend is in need
And I'm lacking the way
To know how to help,
To know what to say.
Help me, dear God,
To be a support,
Fervent in prayer
With a good report,
Speaking encouragement,
Lending an ear,
Showing her love
By just "being there".

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales


Out of the Mire

Rain clouds are hovering
Sun disappears
Life becomes dark
Increasing our cares
We can be positive
Most of the time
But trials will come
And darkness we'll find
It feels like you live
In a foreign land
As you wait upon God
To come take your hand
Time marches on
And you're down to the wire
As you need to be lifted
Out of the mire
Needing your feet
To be set on a rock
Wishing for God
To turn back the clock
But He in His wisdom
Knows what we need
And as we continue
To seek and to plead
He will accomplish
What concerns us
All that we need
And what He deems best
It seems so uncanny
And yet this is true
He'll use it for good
Because He loves you!

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales

Garden Poem

To work in the garden
Brings joy to my soul.
While creating beauty
It makes me feel whole.
As being in nature
Is closeness to God
And labor is fruitful
As life stems from sod.

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales

Turning Sixty

My friend is turning sixty,
A monumental year.
Help me to congratulate,
To bless her and to cheer.
Tell this friend that sixty
Is truly a good age,
Bringing clearer vision
And a more relaxed stage.
Tell her dear God
Another good thing...
The merits of victory
Will make her heart sing.
All that she's been through
And all she's endured...
Deserving a medal,
Of which she's assured.
Loving and serving
The Lord up above,
He's watching and smiling
At her with such love.

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales