Water for Life

Streams in the desert
Water for life
Whether a body that thirsts
Or a soul full of strife
Whatever the meaning
Satisfaction is found
When nurture,
Through nourishing water, abounds
Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales 2013



Poetry is magic
Speaking in rhyme
Everyday words
Portray the sublime
Words fitly spoken
Can be such a treasure
They reach to the heart
And bless beyond measure
Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales 2013



P  is for Prose, which is regular talk.
O  is for openness, needed a lot.
E  is for excellent message, we know.
T  is transparent, needed to show.
R  is for rhyme, which some people choose.
Y  is for yesterday's memories they use.
Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales


Yes, God, I Still Love You #7

Yes, God, I still love you
Though distraction draws me nigh.
Though distraction can be good,
I must balance things on high.
The distraction keeps me busy
Taking focus off of pain
And obscuring all the problems
That are trying to remain.
But the more important matter
Is awareness of the Lord,
Drawing strength and grace for battle
So that I can move forward.

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales

Yes, God, I Still Love You #8

Yes, God, I still love you
Though I'm feeling overwhelmed
And in boating terms I'm glad to see
That you are at the helm
Then again, if we were speaking
In a language of the road
I am grateful to experience
What feels like Cruise Control
As I struggle with the problems
That arise from this disease
There are times you take the burden, Lord
Replacing it with ease
And I watch with great amazement
As the natural is transformed
Producing SUPERnatural
A far cry from the norm.

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales


Memories of Home

Just fading memories
And thoughts rolling 'round
Of a colorful, quaint,
And cozy hometown.
Long-time ago,
Memories of rainstorms
And pictures of snow.
Memories of friendships,
Beaus, and the rest,
Adventures of youth,
And fun at it's best.

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales 

Loved Evermore

More than sufficient,
Your grace is amazing,
And I'm overcome
By a love
That is blazing.
It pierces my heart,
Straight to the core,
To know I am cherished
And loved evermore.
Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales