My journey in life has held blessing and sorrow, venting and praise...and poetry has captured it all. For those who share a passion for poetry, I invite you to join me in a love of life, God, family and friends, the beauty of nature and all things treasured.


On pretty days, I like to walk
Have poetry and prayerful talk
Communing with my sovereign King
And sharing with you everything
'Cause nature has a strong effect
And helps my spirit to connect
With you, my Saviour, Lord and King
Ruler over everything

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales 1996


  1. I was listening to a preacher talk about how another preacher wanted to see his study. He took the man to his front porch and explained that nature told him everything He needed to know.

    1. Yes, I think that's the thing I miss the most; that and going to my children's homes. Before hurting my feet, I used to walk 2 hrs. a day...1 hr. at lunch and 1 hr. at night. I would carry paper and pen and be inspired by nature. Thanks for sharing that story about the preachers.