The Boston Marathon

The Boston Marathon

God, it's so grievous
that men would invoke
explosions of terror
through hatred and smoke.
God, it's so grievous
that people would die,
that limbs would be lost
and nations would cry.
Lord, help the victims
to process and mourn
all that was lost,
surmounting the scorn.
Be with officials,
uncovering truth,
that persons of interest
they would uproot.
Don't let this evil
and vicious attack
put chinks in our armor,
causing us slack.
Give us determined 
and fervent resolve 
to stand up and conquer, 
that they not evolve.

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales


  1. Your poetry reminds me of lyrics in songs. I love how it tells a story & I'm able to picture the story in my mind, like a video.

  2. Thanks so much, Dannel. It's nice that we share a love of poetry.