Nancy's Visit

My friend was coming into town
We’d been apart so long
With jubilance at seeing her
My heart broke into song
When came the day that she arrived
We set about our fun
We sought out all the gift shops
And we visited each one
We ate along the water
With the seagulls and the waves
The sailboats and the view
Were all deserving of our raves
And following our agenda
We found a B & B
A comfortable and cozy place
That overlooks the sea
The second day was also fun
We headed for the mall
With diligence and fortitude
To heed the shopper’s call
Shop until you drop we say
Even with bad feet
I guarantee that at day’s end
We were really beat
The visit was a blast except
The roach that made me scream
But then we put away our fear
And fell asleep to dream
Again this friend and I have had
A very pleasant time
And now the memories that we made
Have all been put to rhyme

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales 1999

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