Father, I beseech you
To help this man at work
That he would know your power
And all your blessed perks
Help him see through spiritual eyes
The grace and love you’ve shown
That he not feel abandoned
Forsaken or alone
Let him know I’ve been there
And I attest to this
That you’ll restore the joy
And all the awesome bliss
That comes from knowing you
And leaning on your power
Trusting in your grace
Every moment, every hour
Let him feel your presence
Your calm amidst the storm
Let him know your fullness
And see your mighty form
The way you work through trials
Using them for good
Stretching and sustaining us
As you said you would
Protect him, God, and show to him
That he’ll be made complete
Tell him when it’s over
The victory will be sweet

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales

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