Shape Me Yet Anew

Father God, I pray
That you would shape me yet anew
As this pot is cracked and broken
And un-beautiful to you
Lord, I feel as if you’ve started
With a fresh supply of clay
And I’m spinning on the wheel
And my life’s begun to sway
When you’ve shaped me in your image
And you put me in the kiln
In the furnace of affliction
To be set and processed still
Let the outcome be for glory
Let on-lookers stop and gasp
“How did He make this from nothing?”
Let the people stop and ask
Let the beauty draw attention
To the artist and His work
Give me beauty and a purpose, Lord
Of which I would not shirk
As it is with real life pottery
A pitcher or a vase
Make me useful to the Master
In the setting where I’m placed

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales

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