Friendships Were Made, What An Inspiration, This Great Mother

Friendships Were Made

I’m thinking and praying
With love and with care
As friendships were made
For burdens to bear
We laugh in the good times
We cry in the sad
While cherishing always
The blessings we’ve had

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales 2008

What An Inspiration

You’re a hero in my eyes
Because you care for others
Nurturing and serving
Your husband and your mother
Giving sacrificially
While time and strength are lost
Love and honor mandate
You serve at any cost
What an inspiration
To me and all the rest
Even among heroes
You really are the best

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales 2007

This Great Mother

Though at times your heart will miss her and you’ll ache that she is gone
Greater still will be His comfort and a worthy victory song
That He gave you this great mother so committed to the Lord
And the memories you will cherish of a life and love outpoured
That you walked in sweet communion with the greatness of her soul
Ever knowing she would leave someday for her eternal home
Now she’s gone to be with Jesus at the start of this new year
He has given you sweet parting from the one that you hold dear

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales 2008

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