For You In Your Loss, Love Enough

For You In Your Loss

As your heart endures the grieving
Of this devastating weight
As you miss your precious daughter
May the Lord God penetrate
To your deepest core of being
Of which Katie was a part
And the overwhelming sorrow
That you feel within your heart
May His grace be ‘ere sufficient
As you struggle through the pain
May He be the crutch you lean on
And the hope your heart can claim
Of a glorious reunion
In Heaven we’ll receive
If we lift our hearts to Him
And sincerely we believe

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales 2010

Love Enough

As a mother honors children
Who were nurtured in her womb
Two is surely extra effort
But a mother’s heart has room
To accommodate them both
Giving love enough to share
That the two would have assurance
Of her tender, loving care
Yes, with twins, you love them both
And you love the same amount
Yet, the ways you love are varied
As their differences you count
So the Will and Katie duo
That we come to honor now
Has been such an inspiration
And has beat the odds somehow
As a bond was formed between them
Though communication lacked
May the brightness of their union
Still outshine the present “black”
We will celebrate them both
As we have o’er all the years
That our joy not be diminished
By the present flow of tears

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales

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