Very Truly Grateful

First, God blessed me with the poem
Then he blessed me next with you
Through the writing of the music
And the singing that you do

Through your talent and your spirit
Such a willingness to help
Spending hours at the studio
And giving of yourself

All it took to make a record
/a disk for all to hear
That would minister and witness
Of God’s tender, loving care

I am very truly grateful
That He led you all the way
And mightily He used you
As you followed and you prayed

And my dear friend Shirley Bryson
Feels the same about it all
That the Lord has truly gifted you
And given you a call

As you wrote the music for her
And enabled her to see
The fulfillment of a dream
And related ecstasy

Plus, the added gift of friendship
That developed ’tween you two
Has her blessed beyond all measure
And it’s all because of you

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales 2011

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