Attack on America, Our Nation's Plea, The Aftermath of 9-11

Attack on America

God, my heart is truly broken as I’ve witnessed this event
How I grieve for all the victims and our nation’s president
God, my heart just cannot fathom that such hatred could reside
In a fellow human being who destruction satisfies
Let your comfort and compassion go to all who suffered loss
Let the children who are orphaned bring their burdens to the cross
Be the husband to the widow, giving strength to carry on
Make them able to forgive, Lord, this very grievous wrong
Help our nation to recover and to shed your light abroad
And protect us from our enemy on this or foreign sod
God, I pray that all the world now would see your majesty
As our nation comes together and we turn our hearts to thee

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales 2001

Our Nation's Plea

In the aftermath of terrorism
Lead us to your will
That our hearts would be in prayer
And our spirits remain still
Ever listening for your message
And the path you’d have us take
Let the principles of God
This great nation not forsake
Let the flag that flies for freedom
And it’s banner ever wave
Let the people be united
And let courage make us brave
Let the Bible be re-visited
And prayer restored in school
Let the credo of this nation
Be again the Golden Rule
Though we seek to be victorious
And surely need your help
May we be in right relationship
With you above all else

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales 2001

The Aftermath of 9-11

As realities of war
Become evident each day
As we fight opposing nations
And more lives are thrown away
Tell us, Lord, the price of freedom
You would want us to oblige
Tell us when to stand against
Violence from the other side
Have we sought your will correctly
Praying nearly for two years
Waiting patiently for guidance
Midst our grief and flood of tears
Having not reacted quickly
Seeking vengeance in the flesh
Rather, yielding it to Jesus
For our spirits to enmesh
Wanting you to be our leader
As we strive for what is right
Working through an earthen vessel
Who has spiritual insight
Please unite our hearts in wisdom
And the call, Lord, to obey
Bend our hearts and knees before you, Lord
And bless the prayers we pray

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales 2003

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