Manna, You Are With Me, More Love For You


Father, tell this people
That my heart is full of love
And a spirit of thanksgiving
For your manna from above
For the food with which you nourish
And the bearer of the gift
And the timely cup of water
For a heart that needs a lift

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales

You Are With Me

God I feel your love upon me
Despite pain too great to bear
And I hear some people asking
Where is God? Does He not care?
But I know that you are with me
And in you I will abide.
Though the fig tree does not blossom
And in sorrow I am tried

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales 2004

More Love For You

It tells me in your word
If I love you, I’ll obey
So I guess more love for you, Lord
Is what I need to pray
God, to love you more than others
And to love you more than self
Consistently to put you first
And sacrifice all else

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales 2005

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