You're Able, The Ruler Of All

You're Able

Thank you that you’re able
And I only need to trust
Thank you that I’m helpless
And that faith in you’s a must
Thank you that it’s hopeless
If we look through human eyes
Thank you that your power
I expect to realize

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales 2000

The Ruler Of All

As the season of affliction
Keeps on closing in on me
Still an ever present help
In Jehovah I can see
Yes, an ever present help
Is the one and only God
Who still goes before and paves the way
On roads that I must trod
He’s Jehovah, he’s Messiah,
He’s the great and mighty King
He’s creator of the universe
And ruler of all things
His great power is not diminished
And He hasn’t looked away
No, my God is still the same now
As He was yesterday

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales 2001

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