Love Without Condition, Pastor Chip, Princess of Curry

Love Without Condition

How you bless me with the scriptures
And give guidance every day
How you faithfully replenish
My strength along the way
How you love without condition
Whether I’ve been good or bad
And enable me to do the same
Even when I’m mad

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales 2002

Pastor Chip

To Pastor Chip who loves to preach
When he’s not surfing at the beach
He’ll forfeit all his surfing fun
Just call and he will gladly run
To help you in your time of need
Be it grunt or be it lead
He’s just a servant of the Lord
And ministry he works toward
No matter what the form it takes
The effort he will gladly make
He’ll joke that it’s for muscle tone
But I have seen his halo shown
Through many acts of help and love
Empowered by our God above
So God protect him from all harm
Don’t let the sharks consume his arm

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales 2003

Princess of Curry

My dear little Ellen
Princess of Curry
I’m sending this card
To arrive in a hurry
To show that I love you
And think you are neat
A precious granddaughter
So “royally” sweet

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales 2002

*Written for my young granddaughter.
Her street name was Curry, so that was
her "kingdom"!

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