More Easter Poems

The Way

May, God, our blessed Father
Speak to you this day
Reveal His heart and show to you
That Jesus is the way
The way to life eternal
Salvation sure and true
His sacrifice atoning
Sins for me and you

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales

The Redeemer

Oh, dear God, how I love you
Let me tell you why
Because of the redeemer
Your son who chose to die
Upon the cross for all mankind
Atoning for our sin
And for your Holy Spirit
Our comforter within

 Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales


I’m thankful for the many things the Lord has done in me
Especially redemption, an act which made me free
Free to know forgiveness and unconditioned love
Free to share with others the Father up above
And Jesus Christ, the Savior, His only begotten son
Jesus, the Messiah, our Lord, the risen one

 Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales

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