From Jesus To Jane

Years ago, in a women's bible study class, the homework the teacher assigned us was to write a letter from Jesus to us. After much prayer, this is what came to me.

From Jesus To Jane

My dearest Jane - My precious child
I've watched you go from wild to mild
I've seen the softening in your heart
As from rebellion you depart
I see the way you look at me
With eyes of love and purity
Pure, not in the sense of you
But pure as in a love that's true
I see the way you joy in me
And I delight in what I see
That even though your heart is sad
From trials that hurt so very bad
Still, you revel in my love
Still, you look to me above
Still, in me, you abide
And, from me, you do not hide
Anything that's going on
When you're weak or when you're strong
But when you look at circumstance like Peter on the water
Your focus sometimes changes, and isn't what it oughta
At times like that you get depressed, oh, so needlessly
Because you think the problem is too big for even me
Though intellectually you know that you have been deceived
It sometimes takes a while for you to re-believe
And though I hope that you'll do better
The purpose of this loving letter
Is so you'll know that what I see
Extends through all eternity
Potential that I visualize
Is just not seen through human eyes
To know that you accept my plan
My son and all that's in my hand
To see the molding you allow
Without fully knowing how
The losses can become a gain
Like sunny days, after the rain
And that all things can work for good
As I promised you they would
And labors of the race you run
As you believe in Christ the Son
Will surely bring you to my side
As soon in Heaven you'll reside

Copyright Mary Jane Gonzales 1998

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